Friday, August 19, 2011

Fluffy Cats

We all like fluffy cats. They are soft, furry, and though they may have stupid faces, they are cute. I have a cat named Maxwell Edison, yes, after the Beatles song. He is one the dumbest cat I have ever met, but yet somehow we keep him. He follows me when I walk my dog, and then stops and meows annoyingly. He bullies all the other cats in the neighborhood, including our other cat Lucy.(Also another Beatles song.) But, we all love him because he is very fluffy and looks like a ball of fur. We recommend fluffy cats.

Eating Clouds

Who doesn't like Frappucino's? People like coffee, but we say to try something different and get the Coconut Creme non-coffee frap at Starbucks. We love it because it tastes like your eating a cloud. Some people say, "A cloud is just evaporated water!" But we think people should try to use their imagination.